Reimbursement Forms



Examples of appropriate documentation include:

Do you want to apply to use PTA school enrichment funds for a classroom? 

Email the PTA ( before you make any purchases, and Principal Buff should approve any purchase before it comes to the PTA. Each student at NSES is eligible for $15 for student enrichment funds from the PTA annually ($30 for fifth grade). These funds are typically accessed through classroom teachers. However, all faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to apply for enrichment funds. Examples of eligible expenses include:

Expenses that are NOT eligible for these funds include:

Other expenses (moving up ceremonies, pizza parties, classroom supplies, T-Shirts) are considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed approval. Please email us before you make any of these purchases.

We prioritize businesses in the City of Albany. If you plan to use a vendor for a purchase outside of the City of Albany, we may request an additional justification (e.g. significant cost savings). 


The PTA is a tax-exempt organization, which means that you should not pay for taxes on your purchases, and we are not allowed to reimburse tax if it is charged. Our Tax ID number is 117368, and you can show this tax exempt form to document our tax exempt status. Copies of this form are in the PTA Box in the main office. Grocery items in NYS are already tax exempt, though restaurant purchases are not.